Saturday, November 21, 2009

There is something about this place

Another view of Sintra. A place I found almost magical. Situated on a hillside makes for great windy streets and walkways. Lushes vegetation in both the trees and the gardens, old world architecture vibrant painted buildings. All of this make for endless eye-candy for the shutterbug, but more important for that was the serenity of the place.

The day we were there, it rained on and off, which meant that the vegetation was damp. This is makes the green that much more saturated. I honestly don't remember if I used a circular polarizer on the trip or not, but it is a good tool to use in this circumstance.

Polarizers are often thought in the context of deepening the blue of the skies. But they also work well of vegetation, especially when wet. The polarizer helps control random reflects off the surface of the leaves and provides better contrast.

A polarizer is one tool you should not do without and can't be replicated in photoshop. I use this Circular Polarizer. Circular does not refer to it's shape but what it does to the light. if you don't get a circular one, your exposure metering will be wrong. Get one with coatings - don't go cheap.
1/3200 f/4 ISO 800 75.0-300.0 mm @ 75 mm Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL
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