Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Am Not the Centre of the Universe

But this picture might make it look like I am. My friend Joe P, pointed out this tutorial on creating 'planet shaped' images. I finally got around to creating one myself.

I started by taking my camera and tripod up to my roof top. Warning: Attempt this at your own risk - I cannot be held responsible for any damage to your camera equipment if you fall of your roof (or you either). I shot fifteen overlapping images .My technique for overlapping uses the right and left most focus squares along the centre line of my viewfinder.

I frame up my first shot, press the shutter, take note of what is in the right hand square and then reframe so that the left hand square is in the exact same spot and take the next image. This way I get a consistent overlap of about 25%.

Once again I tried to stitch in photoshop. It just did not produce a good result. So I dropped them into MS ICE which produced a very good result which you can see here.

After exporting the image from ICE as a jpg I took that into photoshop and followed there directions with one small variation. When I followed there directions the white circle that you see in my image below did not exist and my entire roof was very pincushioned. So I made the image, almost square - 90% high and then added a white border on the top edge (Image - Canvass size) to add the remaining 10% to make the square. Then I applied the polor coordinates.

P.S. Thanks Joe for the tip.
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