Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Pie

I love all kinds of dessert pies and Pumpkin pie is a definite favourite. So my title is appropriate for that kind of vision. Sort of like Homer Simpson and doughnuts.

1/500 f/13 ISO 400 75.0-300.0 mm @ 300 mm Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL
Richmond Hill,Ontario

One should ask what is the subject of an image? In this case it is obviously the pumpkins. Is there much else that attracts the eye?

The colours are vibrant - or should I say colour, since orange is so strongly represented.  And there is good variation in tone. Maybe that was good for me five years ago, but I now look for more.

I was intending to go out and find a collection of pumpkins this year and try to improve upon it, but my friend Sam already did. Why do I think Sam's photo is better? The subject is still the same but the elements of repetition and line and make a stronger composition.

By the way which camera is the best camera - as Chase Jarvis says, the one you have with you. In Sam's case this excellent image was made with a camera phone (iphone).
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