Tuesday, August 11, 2009

George the Reef Fish

This beautiful fish was spotted in Honaunau Bay, which is just north of the place of refuge. I have not been able to determine what kind of fish it is; it is not listed in the field guide I purchased to help with species identification. So for now I will call him (or her) George. If anybody knows what kind of fish George is, please make a comment.

I am not a naturalist by formal training, but I do try to learn something about the biology or geology of the things I photograph. Not only does it add to my enjoyment, but it helps make for better pictures. Particularly for wildlife, if you know their behaviour and habits, you will be better able to create opportunities to capture the images you want.

1/125 f/5.9 ISO 200 @ 22.8 mm DMC-TS1

1/125 f/5.9 ISO 160 @ 22.8 mm DMC-TS1

Honaunau Bay, Hawaii

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