Tuesday, July 16, 2013

53Weeks 194 of 371: Hockey Hall of Fame [Architecture 5/7]

“Moderator: You feel you’ve been hustled in a pool room. . . . Are there any other things that relate photographically that are not necessarily other photographs? By this I mean, do you ever get ideas—not ideas—is your education ever expanded by an interest in something else other than photography?

Winogrand: I would think so. A heck of a lot. Reading and music and painting and sculpture and other stuff. Basketball, baseball, hockey, etc. Certainly, you know, you can always learn from some—from somebody else’s—from some intelligence. I think. I hope.”

Hockey Hall of Fame [Architecture 5/7]
Hockey Hall of Fame,Toronto,Ontario
3 image HDR with silver efex pro2
22 mm f/7.1 ISO 400
Canon EOS 40D
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