Monday, January 03, 2011

Project365 003: Woodpecker

Day three. This could be a long year. As it was a holiday day for me, I though I would try grabbing a bird shot in the backyard. I thought that I would wait until late afternoon as that is when they like to feed. I thought the black-capped chickadees would be easy targets. They were on holiday today too. I thought I was going to get luck a get a cardinal up close, but they tend to be shy and he stayed too far away. Finally I did get a few seconds with this woodpecker. This certainly wont make the front cover of National Geographic, but it will do for today.

I forgot that you can never dress up too warm when going outside to stand.

I did remeber to take a big ziplock bag out side with me. After you have been out in the cold, you don't want to bring an unprotected camera into the warm moist interior of your house. While still outside place it inside a ziplock bag and seal it. Then take it inside and leave it unopened for an hour or two. You don't want condensation inside your gear. It will foster the growth of mold and other bad things.

You can take your memory card out of the camera before putting it in the zip lock. At least you can review your images while your camera warms up.

1/2000 f/2.8 ISO 800 EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM @ 173 mm Canon EOS 40D
Richmond Hill,Ontario
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