Friday, January 15, 2010

You got to know how to hold 'em

(Apologies to Kenny Rogers)

Holding your camera correctly is key to making good pictures. The goal is to be able to hold it steady and comfortably - without shaking. Film camera users had an advantage here - because they have little choice but to use the viewfinder. Digital cameras have these lovely large screens on the back and it is very tempting - especially for people with older eyes - to hold them at arms length. This is a recipe for blurry pictures. Hold your camera close and firm, but relaxed. And if you have a view finder use it. If light levels are particularly low, use a tripod or some other way to hold the camera steady; rest it on a table, lean against a wall. Be creative.

Don't forget to use your feet to fine tune your position. If you need to move closer or further away , take a step - don't lean in or lean back. Keep your weight over the center of your feet. Also it is good to split your feet to improve your balance.

Today's assignment: Experiment with different ways of holding your camera and consider you steady you are.
Advanced user assignment: (SLR owners) Try the Joe McNally stance "Da Grip", shoot sideways and rest your longer lenses on your own shoulder.
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