Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flash Dance

One thing to look for in the manual early-on is how to turn the flash on or force it off. These little flashes are only good for a short distance maybe 3 or 4 metres at most.

Whether at the Air Canada Centre or your kid's school concert, turn off the flash. If you don't, the heads in front of you will be very bright and what you are really interested in will be underexposed. Although cameras are getting much smarter about this sort of decision, they do better if they get some advice from you.

On the other hand, when taking a family picture at the beach with the sun to their backs, turn on the flash (if you are close enough). It will usually help bright up their faces and remove some of the under the eye shadows. There are many situations when it might be 'bright' enough to take a picture without the flash, but using it will help turn a snapshot into a great shot. (In a couple of days I'll have a tip about bright sun images, so stay tuned for that one too.)

Once you get the basics figured out, and practiced you are your flash will get along like Fred and Ginger.

Today's assignment: Figure out how to force your flash off and force it on.
Advanced user assignment: Figure out how to use your flash without it being attached to your camera.
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