Sunday, October 04, 2009


Have you ever seen an artist who titles their work 'Untitled'? I would encourage you to give some serious thought to what name you might give your photographic works. I think it is an important part of building an emotional connection between yourself and your work as well as a means to help foster the creation of a connection between your artistic work and those who view it.

I know it is not easy. I always  appreciate the titles Sam Javanrouh gives to his photos he publishes every day on his daily dose of imagery site. My colleague Sharon does a pretty good job of that as well. I think perhaps becuase I share Sharon's sense of humour.

1/125 f/8 ISO 100 18.0-55.0 mm @ 22 mm Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL
So you may think I cheated by calling this image 'Untitled'. Well that was just to grab your attention. When I look at this image in am reminded of the obelisque from 2001 - A Space Odyssey. So that is what I would really name it - "Obelisque". Perhaps my next option would be "Dave".
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