Friday, October 09, 2009

A Smack of Sumac

I have a love-hate relationship with Sumac. And it is all about their colour. The Sumac tends to be on the early side of fall; by that I mean that they are early to change colour. That is why I hate it, because I always want more summer. On the other hand I love the colours of autumn and the sumac always puts in a good show.
1/100 f/5 ISO 400 75.0-300.0 mm @ 95 mm Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL

This image show several bold compositional elements. We have the multiple diagonals lines like the branch that holds the flower and the flower it self and those are contrasted by the one main branch which goes the other direction. Colour-wise we have the reds of the foreground branch contrasting with the greens of the branches behind. The image would have been overall better if it wasn't for the out-of-focus twig in the extreme foreground.
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