Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fall is Upon Us

Those who live in the GTA, like me, know that the march of the seasons continues. Fall is definitely here; the leaves are changing colour and carpeting the ground and we have had to dig out our jackets.

The fall offers many opportunities to practice our photographic arts, and I encourage all my local readers to get out there and do just that. Winter will soon be here, and it will be all that much harder to do so. Although the winter offers many interesting opportunities as well, it takes a lot more determination to get out there.

If you are a bear like creature, and hibernate for the winter, then I offer up today's image as hope for the springtime.

Today's tip is below the image.

1/160 f/4 ISO 100 24.0-105.0 mm @ 105 mm Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL
Richmond Hill,Ontario

I don't recall the exact set-up for the Tulip image, but it was a cut flower and the image was taken inside. I set the flower vase in a sunny spot on our living room flower and then shot it from the rear.

A practice I need to engage in when I do something like this is to also take a picture of the set-up, perhaps with another camera, so when I review images later, I can more easily recall what I did. This is an important part of learning; building a correlation between what you did and the outcomes that work or didn't.
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