Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunset over Kailua

As I said before one of the images I really wanted to capture was sunsets. But our excursion schedules didn't always line up with the perfect sunset opportunities.
On this day, we didn't get to the lookout until after the sun had set. Many people go home as soon as the sun has disappeared. Photographers should stick around and catch the colour show that happens next. The images you capture won't be 'what you saw' because the camera and our eyes work differently. The camera can see the subtle and muted colours much better than we can. This photo was taken about 40 minutes after sunset with a 10 second exposure.

10" f/3.5 ISO 250 EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 18 mm Canon EOS 40D


As it gets dark you need to increase your shutter time. You can increase your ISO to reduce the effect of cloud movements and such but no need to go into high ISO modes. Open up your aperture as well.

I like to use wide angle lenses. Since the colour tends to get sprayed over a larger area of sky.

Don't forget to position yourself to have something of interest in the foreground. Grab a flashlight and try light-painting some foreground elements.

Use a tripod or find someplace solid where you can rest your camera.

Does your camera have mirror-lockup? Read the manual and find out. If it does, learn how to use it. It is a good tool to improve sharpness.

Finally, the photographers spouse should bring a book.

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