Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dodge This!

Any truck historians out there? I think this is a 1941. One thing that appeals to me about older vehicles is that they tend to have big bold features. There are some Art Deco influences in this design even though that movement had begun to decline by this time.

All my images from this series have been black and whites. As someone in the blogosphere recently pointed out, technically they a re greyscales, but nobody calls them that. (I'd credit the source but can recall who said it.) With B&Ws, one has to concentrate on the just the luminance. It is a good practice to look at your colour pictures using this 'filter' as it helps your understand the tonal structure of your images. I certainly have a lot to learn about this, and 'learn by doing' as they say.

In this image we have a lot of white due to the snow. There are some deep black in the wheel well in the bottom corner and also in the interior shadows of the grill. The exterior paint is mid-tone Grey (originally red if your curious). When I did the B&W conversion in Lightroom, the midtones were not well separated from the darker tones, so I used the targetted adjustment tool to provide more tonal separation.

1/10 f/4 ISO 1600 EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM @ 90 mm Canon EOS 40D

Quill Lake,Saskatchewan

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