Sunday, January 12, 2014

53Weeks 371 of 371: Tracks [Winter 7/7]

I have taken a photo everyday for 53weeks and this is the last photo of the series to be posted (but i still have a week from the summer to catch up on). Day 371 of 371! Just like in 2012 when I executed project 365, I thought I wasn't going to make it.

People often ask what am I going to do now? Which is why I picked this image in particular as it conveys the idea of a journey. I am not going to do another photo-a-day project in 2014; I find it takes a lot of energy. I also want to change pace.

I have two products in mind that I want to work on first. One is a seven page overview of the years images; one for each day of the week, so it will have 53 images on it. The second is a book with a double page per week, like I did for 2012's project 365.

What have I learned? Here are a few thoughts:

  • I need to pay more attention to the edges of my frames. 
  • I still need to work hard on story craft, this is eluding me. I saw a video today via +John Paul Caponigro about the work of David Hockney. A very intriguing concept that I want to try. 
  • Making images of people on the street is only 99% as scary as it used to be.

Tracks [Winter 7/7]
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