Monday, March 18, 2013

53Weeks 077 of 371: Galleria

One of my objectives of my project 365 (53weeks) is to develop my photographic vision by constraining my subjects in some way. I am always constrained by time; I typically only have a few minutes on weekdays to scout my subject and make the images. Most weekend afford a little more time, but not always. My weekly theme however is an additional constraint.

This week, for example, my theme is 10mm. My focal length for the entire week will be 10 millimeters (since I am shooting with a 40D, that works out to 16mm at a 35mm full frame equivalent). This is a very wide angle of view. The challenge that this presents is to pick camera positions and compositions that produce something interesting.

So far, I'd have to say that it is going to be very hard to keep clutter out of the frame!

 This image is looking upwards on the Galleria at Brookfield Place.

Brookfield Place
10 mm f/7.1 ISO 400
Canon EOS 40D
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