Monday, December 31, 2012

Introducing 53Weeks - My Project365 for 2013.

In 2011 I did Project 365 for the first time. Although it was hard work, I enjoyed it a lot and I it did improve my photography a lot. I didn't do it in 2012 because I though I needed a break and I was going to focus on more contemplative, week long projects. That didn't work out so well. In 2013 I am going to do 'Project 365' again, but with a little twist; instead of 365 days, I am going to do 53 weeks - 371 days. I will do a theme every week, with an effort to not repeat the themes from 2011, but no promises. A new theme will begin on Monday. So my 2013 project will actually start on December 31, 2012.

To help with the workflow, I have set-up several things in Lightroom. I have created presets for import, metadata, develop and export. The import preset is my standard preset except that is set file name prefix, and specifies the metadata and develop presets. The metadata preset has my copyright, keywords as well as the posting headline text (encoded in the IPTC Job Identifier). I set the caption with text to remind me to change the key fields. The develop preset specifies Lens Correction, plus my default tone curve, clarity and camera calibration settings. Finally the export preset brings it all together, because it will create the posting to blogger using LR/Blog and prefill a lot of the text using text set from the other presets.

I have already shot my first day's photos and today's selection will be posted shortly.
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