Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My book is almost done!

It has been a whole month since I completed my project 365. I haven't touched my camera since January 1st. But I still have been working with my pictures. 

By the 29th of January I had finished the layout of the 112 page book, written all of the text and the cover design is complete.My final book will be published via blurb. It is a 30cm square layout. I am going to use their Pro Pearl paper. I am really excited to get the final result in my hands. Only a few things left to do; my proof-reader will go through all of the text and make sure it reads well (as soon as she is done writing report cards), one more pass with fresh eyes to ensure the layout is perfect, and then send it off to the printers. 

This image is the entire book in one image. 
Now it is time to get back to my camera work.
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