Thursday, July 07, 2011

#project365 188: Infrared Palms

One of the things about relaxing, for me, is that I get the opportunity to try things I might not otherwise have to time to think about.

Today's image is the result of such time. I have only recently begun to experiment with infrared photography. This image was shot using a Hoya R72 filter. But it doesn't have the characteristic red cast that infrared usually has does it? The faux Colour is the result of setting a custom white balance using an earlier infrared image. Which is rather unorthodox since one normally is supposed to shot a white subject. Despite the camera's warning that i was doing something crazy, I used it anyway. The result is interesting. Although not my favorite it might yield more once I get a chance to play some more with it in Lightroom.

So the next time you are relaxing, give something new a try!

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