Monday, June 06, 2011

Project365 157: Streetcar Abstract

This week my theme is "Streetscape" - and I double checked _ I haven't used this theme before! I thought I'd share my shot list for the beginning of the week and then at the end of the week we'll see how close to my original ideas the actual selected shots were.

  1. USPS on Toronto street (movie set)
  2. other movie set artifacts or scenes
  3. traffic @ bay and queen - lines on the street
  4. scramble time blur
  5. looking up bay or York from Lakeshore Dr
  6. DVP from the Go Train
  7. 404 traffic blur from Elgin Mills bridge
  8. empty street due to long exposure or multi exposure blend
  9. car light trails at night
  10. Union station pedestrians
  11. construction building or street
  12. police on the job
  13. TTC or Go buses or streetcars
  14. fire trucks on the job - en route - blur
This was not the picture I visualized. I had been thinking about a streetcar in motion with the background blurred due to a pan and the streetcar sharp. As I walked up to the intersection this streetcar appeared and I quickly flipped over to TV spun the shutter time to 0.3s and shot. But then I realized that I was way overexposed for that long of a shutter time. The camera had stopped down to f/22 but that was the smallest that lens could go and it was not enough. Nonetheless there was something about the image I still liked, and so it is the keeper for the day. This counts as #13 on my idea list.

Streetcar Abstract
1/3 f/22 ISO 100 EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM @ 24 mm Canon EOS 40D
Bay and Queen,Toronto,Ontario
Framing and noise added in Lr3.
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