Saturday, May 28, 2011

Project365 147: Starlight

This is part of John McEwen's sculpture, "Searchlight Starlight Spotlight". One of the aspects of Lensbaby usage that I am trying to understand and control is the highlight areas in the out of focus regions. In this first image I am referring to the bright oblongs in the lower left. In some images they show up in places I didn't see with my own eye, but I think they can be used to give direction.

1/800 ISO 400 @ Canon EOS 40D
Air Canada Centre,Toronto,Ontario

In this image of a Ford Fiesta, I didn't originally see the oblong highlights on the left, but I think they direct the viewer to the right side. I discarded this image, but I saved it because it is a good illustration of that effect.

Ford Fiesta
1/4 ISO 800 @ Canon EOS 40D

Air Canada Centre,Toronto,Ontario
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