Monday, April 12, 2010

Shakespeare's Pen?

Snap quiz. What brand of pen did William Shakespeare use to write Hamlet?

Need a hint? Too bad.

The question isn't relevant to what we consider the significance of his work. (This isn't my original idea. I think I first heard it from @scottbourne.) his creative vision wasn't a result of his pen, it is the other way around. He had a creative vision and then recorded it with a pen of some kind.

How does this relate to photography? The important part is the creative vision, not the gear! Whether you have a $200 point and shoot or $20,000 of gear, vision is paramount.

The next step is too learn to translate that vision into reality using the tools you have available. This means you have to know how to control that camera. In most cases, that knowledge will translate into any camera you use.

After you have that figured out then you will be much better positioned to be able to leverage a more expensive investment.

Canon or Nikon; $500, or $5000, It doesn't matter. What matters most is what is between your ears.

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