Sunday, March 21, 2010


As Sam Javanrouh noted the other day, the old trucks at the Distillery District in Toronto are highly photographed. Today when I was there, a class from Humber college was there as well and we all certainly upped the counter quite a bit. I am not the only one to have done a HDR treatment of this truck, as can be seen on flickr, but I like mine the best. Ya, I'm biased.

If you are ever looking for a good place to take a camera, this is a pretty good place for urban photo work. One recommendation I would give to you ... since this is such a highly photographed area, ask yourself "How am I going to make pictures in this place that are different than what has been done before?"
1/500 f/2.8 ISO 400 @ 73 mm Canon EOS 40D
Distillery District,Toronto,Ontario

Today's Assignment: I've said this before, but after watching the number class today, I am reminded myself to work at a different perspective. Get done low, or up high, but you really should think twice before taking a picture in a place like this standing normally on your feet. That is what everyone else is doing.
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