Monday, January 18, 2010

We are all the same height when our chin is on the ground!

Lets now think about something most casual photographers don't think about - their own height. Most people shot standing up, at eye level. Boring. It is boring because of exactly that is where most people take pictures from! Images which are more interesting are from perspectives we don't normally see. So if you are out at the park and you want to take a picture of the kids or the dog, get down on your knees, or lie right down on the ground. This works the other way around too. Climb the stairs, climb a ladder, climb a hill, or the monkey bars. You will end up someplace most people aren't and it will show up as a better image.

Today's assignment: Go out and take 10 pictures from below knee level and 10 from a height greater than 1m above people heads.
Advanced user assignment: As above but all unique and all of the same subject.

Here is an example of a tourist snapshot, but done from overhead.

1/50 f/1.4 ISO 500 EF50mm f/1.4 USM @ 50 mm Canon EOS 40D
Royal Ontario Museum,Toronto,Ontario
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