Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Getting all your Geese in a Row.

I also though about titling this image "!Duck, !Duck, Goose", but that was too geeky.

There are six elements of design and nine principles.  Ideally we should know them all. There are other schools of thought that provide different insights, like Gestalt. If you are just starting, how be we focus on a smaller set. Acronyms help. So lets practice making sure all of our pictures are C.R.A.P. Some may think you have already succeeded. Great ;-)

Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity. Of course not all images will be equally strong in each of these four, but consider them all in your composition. When you evaluate an image, look for the CRAP.

Using today's image, let's look for these aspects.

Contrast. This is not (just) the contrast slider in photoshop. Does your image have components that are distinctively different? Geese and wood? Light and dark? Colour? Concept?

Repetition. Are there themes that reoccur? Three geese; three is a special number by the way. It has some brain appeal. Vertical boards, vertical necks. Grain in the wood, texture in the neck feathers.

Alignment. How are things positioned? If I could have, I would have liked the center goose to have been the same height - or a lot shorter (for contrast).

Proximity.  Grouping related items allows your brain to process them as a unit. Separating them creates the opposite. Proximity and the lack of can be used to create contrast.

1/1250 f/4 ISO 800 EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM @ 105 mm Canon EOS 40D
Black Creek Pioneer Village,Toronto,Ontario
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