Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Too Big to Lift

Back when I was on the farm we had little rectangular bales that only weighed 20 Kgs or so. They got heavier as the day got longer ;-) Modern farming is different. These large bales can weigh in at 500 Kgs.

I am generally pleased with the composition. The long focal length compresses the space between the bales making it tighter. My uncle quipped, "I wish the field was like the picture - the crop would be worth much more!". Although he doesn't know about focal lengths, he certainly noticed the space compression.

If I could do it over again I would have changed my perspective; there is a fourth bale in the background that I could have eliminated by using an angle closer to the ground. What do you think of the bird in the background? I can't decide. Does it add more interest, or complicate the image?

1/500 f/16 ISO 800 75.0-300.0 mm @ 210 mm Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL


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