Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ride'm Cowboy

One of the contestants at a Camp Rodeo. The shutter speed was slowed down and the camera panned to follow the horse. I liked the result.

One might ask, why ISO 400 and why f/25? Although it was five years ago I can piece together what happened. When I look at my catalog of images I can see that I took 21 pictures over the course of 7 minutes, many of which I have deleted. They were of many different subjects as there was a lot going on. One of the other shots just before this was of Cowpoke (posted previously). Since Cowpoke one was in need of a large depth of field, I suspect I had been working that composition when I saw this and grabbed it quick. Aperture priority would have been the camera mode, so I must have stopped down to slow the shutter.

There was a lot of light variation at that venue and some very fast action, so I suspect I had bumped the ISO to 400 to get action in a darker corner.

If I had moved ISO to 100 there would have been less noise, although it doesn't appear to be much of a problem. The 300D was pretty good at 400. The better advantage would be that I could have had an f-stop of f/11 which would have been, in theory, a sharper image. The big question would be given it was a shutter-dragged, panned image of a moving subject, would you have been able to tell the difference? Doubt it.

1/20 f/25 ISO 400 75.0-300.0 mm @ 130 mm Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL


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